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Track Rekord announces new company to provide High Performance Driving Education (HPDE) and racing instruction services.


Kai Goddard and Andy Lee, two professional racing drivers, along with their business partner, Steve Kimpton, announced the formation of Track Rekord, a new company aimed at providing high quality driver instruction across the US and Canada aimed at the high performance car owner and track day enthusiast.


After speaking with individuals in the insurance industry who specialize in track day insurance, Kai and Andy realized that many claims were a result of poor driver education and training as well as a lack of understanding of how performance cars may react in certain critical situations. Track Rekord was born out of a need to provide consistent, high quality track day driver instruction across the country with the ultimate goal of reduced risk, improved safety, increased enjoyment, lower lap times and reduced insurance costs.


Co founder Kai Goddard said “We are immensely excited about this new venture - with no seeming end to the horsepower wars, with cars becoming more sophisticated and more people wishing to exploit their full potential, track day event accidents are becoming more common. Many of these mishaps are a result of a lack of coaching or high performance driver development. Our goal is to make our clients faster, safer and more aware of what their cars can do.”


With a network of professional driver coaches across the US and Canada with decades of racing and coaching experience between them, Track Rekord is already working with clients to improve their track day experience. 


In addition to HPDE and racing instruction, Track Rekord also provides precision and stunt driving services for television, film and auto manufacturers. Also, they are equipped to offer a variety of consulting services, including temporary track design, product launches, corporate track days, race weekends and race facility management.


Track Rekord is featured in the March, 2020 issue of Racer Magazine. Click on the logo for the full story!


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